Meat Enchiladas

Meat Enchiladas with all the Mexican flavor and seasoning on your plate! Shredded meat, tortilla covered with red sauce, slightly spicy! Meat Enchiladas is a typical Mexican dish that is made with a corn tortilla, bathed in a sauce, spicy or not, using a chile in its preparation. Depending on the style of the dish, […]

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Cheese Enchiladas

Cheese enchiladas, in case you want something delicious but without meat; obviously you can find it at El Rincon Mexican Food! Enchiladas can be cooked with a variety of different chilies and spices in each region of Mexico. In fact, you can find a plethora of enchilada recipes, such as those from the state of […]

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Green or Red Enchiladas

Green or red enchiladas, accompanied with a spicy green tomato or guajillo chili sauce, meat, cheese and cream! Originally this is a Mexican street food, the enchiladas had no filling, they were simply rolled tortillas and dipped in chili sauce. The version we all know and love today often varies by origin, as enchiladas are […]

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