Asada Fries

Asada fries, delicious, nutritious and ready to eat! Do you want a snack? At El Rincon Mexican Food, we have it!

Thanks to the consumption of asada fries, blood pressure in your body is reduced, sugar is controlled and cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations are lowered.

It satisfies three times more than the same amount of bread and is a great source of energy, so it’s perfect if you do sports every day.

With this information, you even eat more calmly, right?

Eating a asada fries on the street is a classic. As in so many other cities at parties, street food stalls proliferate again, with roast potatoes in front of all of them.

There are many who satisfy their appetite with these medium-large potatoes, they can be presented alone or depending on the person, accompanied by ham, cheese, vegetables and, probably, some sauce that fills the body with energy.

You have to be careful because snacking on one of these potatoes, eating them for dinner or right at dawn after a night out can create a real addiction!

Asada fries, healthy?

This dish is a very nutritious meal, with multiple possibilities, which make it a valid option for any time of the year.

Although they are traditionally baked in the oven, more and more people are turning to the convenience and speed of the microwave.
And few are reluctant to put a few tubers wrapped in silver paper when making food on the grill.

Another matter is to take into account the rest of the ingredients that are added, from corn, carrots and beets as in a salad, going through strong cheeses, salmon, bacon or minced meat, something that makes them a much more substantial portion.

The sauce, be it ketchup, mustard, barbecue or yogurt, also adds calories, although one of the preferences is in a simple pinch of salt and oil, with a little vinegar on occasions.

They contain, yes, a not inconsiderable dose of fiber, which is found, above all, in the skin, which can be eaten as long as it is well washed.

In short, it is advisable not to abuse this type of dish if a lot of fat is going to be added, but it must also be recognized that at festive times the occasion deserves it.

For those who cannot wait another year, they can always be encouraged to make them at home or go to establishments with a reputation for serving the best asada fries in Sacramento, for example: El Rincon Mexican Food!