Camarones Empanizados

Camarones empanizados! Delicious and crunchy! Come at El Rincon Mexican Food, try them and let us see your satisfied face!

It is that this delicious dish is prepared in various parts of the world, but especially in countries that have a large coastal area such as Mexico.

They are generally served as a snack or main dish, accompanied by a traditional table sauce and if you want to make it complete, serve with rice or vegetable salad.
It is one of the most common ways to eat shrimp.

Practically each country has particular recipes and ways to prepare and consume these crustaceans.

If there is any point in common, it is that to consume them they are cooked and that it is common to remove the head, the body shell, the front and rear fins, all parts rich in chitin and therefore indigestible.

The camarones empanizados do not have a special date, we can cook them and share them whenever we feel like it.