Green or Red Enchiladas

Green or red enchiladas, accompanied with a spicy green tomato or guajillo chili sauce, meat, cheese and cream!

Originally this is a Mexican street food, the enchiladas had no filling, they were simply rolled tortillas and dipped in chili sauce.

The version we all know and love today often varies by origin, as enchiladas are now filled with a variety of meats, vegetables, and cheeses.

What enchiladas still have in common, however, is their red or green coating.

Although these sauces are different colors, they have distinct flavors and use unique ingredients.

That is why some sauces seem spicier to us than others.

The difference between red and green sauce

Green enchilada sauce is generally a mix of green tomatillos and green chiles, along with ingredients like onions, garlic, vinegar, and other spices.

The tomatillo, also known as the husk tomato, is a staple in Mexican cuisine.

They can be eaten raw, roasted or cooked and adding color to the food you have prepared.

Also, the tomatillo has a slightly herbaceous flavor and is somewhat fruity and sour.

A common mistake that people make is to believe that a green sauce is not spicy. Believe us when we tell you that it can be made very spicy!

Most green enchilada sauces use green chiles, including jalapenos and serranos, to bring out the spicy scale.

Red enchilada sauce, on the other hand, is typically prepared with a variety of red chili peppers, vinegar, onion, garlic, and spices.

Some “quick” versions of red enchilada sauce may use red tomato sauce or pasta as a base.

Like green enchilada sauce, red sauce can range from mildly spicy to incredibly spicy; It all depends on the chili!

How many orders of Green or Red Enchiladas are you going to order?

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