Nachos Supreme

Nachos Supreme an exquisite combination of pieces of fried tortilla, meat and cheese for nachos. Accompany them with a good cold beer!

At El Rincon Mexican Food we like to eat and drink well! So, some supreme nachos with a good cold beer or another drink of your choice, it would be good for us in the company of friends and family, right?

What are nachos?

Nachos are of Mexican origin and are a very simple dish made with fried pieces of corn tortilla and covered with cheese.

A little history

The history of nachos arises in a small restaurant in Piedras Negras, Mexico, where several US military wives were able to eat once the establishment closed.

Thanks to the ingenuity of chef Ignacio Anaya, who knew how to make something for them with what was left available, tortilla chips and cheese. They asked him what the dish was called and he only knew how to answer with its abbreviated name, Nacho.

Since then, everyone went to the local to request this dish with the expression “I want some nachos”.

Due to the simplicity of the dish and how easy it is to make, it became a trend in many other parts of the world, especially in the United States.

Its ingredients are very basic, it only eats corn tortillas, special cheese and jalapeño peppers.

Although they can be combined with different foods such as beans, corn, mayonnaise, guacamole, roast beef, chorizo ​​or whatever each of them prefers.

It is a dish as easy as it is exquisite, ideal to share in the center of the table with the rest of the diners.

That is why at El Rincon Mexican Food we love to serve you this dish, unite family, friends and couples, why not?

Don’t miss out on this great Nachos Supreme dish!