Pescado Frito

Pescado Frito is an icon of Spanish gastronomy.

As you read it, do you see how cosmopolitan El Rincon Mexican Food is?

Despite its simplicity, it is an ancient technique that has been perfected over the centuries to become a true gastronomic delight.

And boy is it an important dish, yes or yes you should try it even once in your life.

The origin of Pescado Frito

For those who have not tried it yet, fried fish consists of frying certain fish in hot oil after having salted it and coated it with wheat flour.

Fried fish is not something new, it has been part of world gastronomy since time immemorial.

Apparently, it was the Phoenician navigators in the 3rd century B.C. those who introduced this elaboration in cities such as Gadir (Cádiz), Abdara (Adra) or Sexi (Almuñecar).

Subsequently, the different cultures that settled in the Peninsula maintained the recipe, although with variations.

For example, the Romans accompanied it with a famous fish sauce that was consumed throughout the Mediterranean.

And the Sephardim, for their part, with a vinaigrette to which they added different herbs, would be a salad for us.

Likewise, during the Arab period (from 711 to 1492) it was very common to find different versions of pescado frito in the souks and ports.

Some even claim that the famous Japanese tempura comes from the Andalusian frying that was brought there by Christian missionaries during the 16th and 17th centuries. What do you think?

Pescado Frito is a delight, enjoyed with a fresh salad, with French fries, on the beach or in the city.

It is a versatile dish, which at El Rincon Mexican Food we make with great pleasure for you, you can delight your palate with friends and family.

And if you haven’t tried it, come and we’ll prepare it for you, so you can ask us for more!