Supreme Cheese Quesadilla

Supreme Cheese Quesadilla, what makes it so delicious? Cheese and more cheese, simple as that, melted cheese on a very Mexican tortilla.

Did you know that when the Spanish conquistadors arrived in Mexico, they found corn and made an American version?

It could have been made first in Veracruz and from there it spread to the center of the country, where cosmopolitan thought made quesadillas possible.

Mexican dish that consists of a corn or wheat tortilla, folded in half, which depending on the region can be filled with cheese or other ingredients and eaten fried or grilled; did you fancy it?

We have another piece of information for you and that is that the word quesadilla comes from the Spanish word “quesada”, which refers to a mass of cheese.

What is the difference between tacos and quesadillas?

For example: a taco it is a tortilla (usually corn, but also wheat) rolled around a piece of meat to which sauce is added; however, a quesadilla is a corn tortilla, folded in half and filled with cheese, but it is so noble that it accepts any other dish.

In the United States, as in Mexico, the quesadilla has become one of the foods that can be tasted not only in bars and restaurants but also in street stalls!

Specifically in North America, this product is made with a large flour tortilla, some add beans, guacamole, chicken strips and even varieties of cheese, for example, Cheddar.

When preparing quesadillas, you should take into account a series of very useful tips:

  • -Instead of oven, they can be prepared in a skillet to better control browning.
  • -Although there are a series of basic or traditional ingredients for the filling, it is very enriching for each person to use the ones they like best or find most appetizing.

That’s why at El Rincon Mexican Food, we make the best quesadillas, the richest, our Supreme Cheese Quesadilla are the best!