Taco Salad

Taco salad? Salad made with tacos or everything you can imagine between a salad and tacos, here we have it! Come and delight your palate!

If you are looking for an original and delicious salad and, in addition, you love Mexican food, combine ingredients with all the flavor of traditional Mexican gastronomy.

The important thing is that it is perfect because it is fresh, full of Mexican flavors and great to accompany any other dish.

Originated in the state of Texas. It is a fusion of the Mexican taco with the American salad. Is a widespread dish served in many places and prepared in many ways. It is praised for its simplicity and perceived health benefits, and remains a very popular dish today.


Yes! If it is. And if you can eat healthy and delicious.

The key is that you always have to eat as close to nature as possible and if you eat like this, you eat well, healthy and healthy until you have a chance to eat two or three tortilla chips from time to time.

This salad is like proof of this theory until the dressing is full of flavor and super powers.

Haven’t you tried this delicacy? What are you waiting for, come to El Rincon Mexican Food, we are ready to prepare it for you!