Tostadas Shrimp

Tostadas Shrimp, crunchy, fresh and full of flavor, accompanied by a good beer! And why do we suggest you accompany this dish with a cold beer? Tostadas shrimp are generally eaten in hot weather, since many comment that it is a refreshing and complete meal.

It is a dish that has been part of our diet since pre-Hispanic times and continues to be an important part of the Mexican diet today.

Tostadas have their origin in the indigenous cultures that inhabited Mexican territory; to prepare them, they would leave the tortilla on the fire until it was stiff and crunchy, then they would eat them with beans and chile.

With the arrival of the Spanish, ingredients such as leg, chicken, cream and cheese were added to the recipe.

Among the most famous tostadas in Mexico we find:

  • Paw toast
  • Roasted Chicken Tinga
  • Hash toast
  • Shrimp toasts

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